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Acceleration Clause  
Adjustable Rate Mortgage K
Alternative Financing L
Amortization Lien
Amortization Schedule Life of Loan Cap
Annual Percentage Rate Light Industrial/Assembly
Application Loan Origination Fee
Application Fee Lock-In Rate
Assessed Valuation M
Assessment Market Value
Assets Mechanics Lien
Assumption Mid-Rise Apartments
Assumption Fee Mortgage
  Mortgage Yours
B Mortgage Information Letter (MIL)
Balloon Mortgages Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP)
Balloon Payment Mortgage Note
Borrower Mortgagee (Lender)
Bridge Loan Mortgagor
Buydown Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Cash Flow Negative Amortization
Cash Out Negative Cash Flow
Cash To Close Note
Closing Note Rate
Closing Costs  
Closing Statement O
Co-Borrower Office/Warehouse or Research & Development
Collateral Origination Fee
Commitment Fee (Loan)  
Condominium P
Conforming Loan P.I.T.I.
Construction Loan Payment Adjustment Period
Contingency Payment Cap
Conventional Mortgage Payment Rate
Conversation Option Permanent Buydown
Convertible ARM Permanent Loan
Co-Op Pledged Account Buydown
Creative Financing Points
Current Index Prepayment Penalty
  Prepayment Privilege
D Primary Mortgage Market
Debt Ratio Principal
Deed Private Mortgage Insurance
Deed Of Trust Prorate
Deferred Interest Mortgage Q
Deficiency Judgment Quit Claim Deed
Depreciation R
Discount Buydown Rapid Payoff Mortgage (RPM)
Discount Points Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs)
Discounted Loan Real Estate Professional
Disintermediation Realtor
Down Payment Refinance
  Release of Liability
E Renegotiable Rate Mortgage (RRM)
Earnest Money REO (Real Estate Owned)
Effective Age Residual Income
Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) Restriction
Equity Reverse Annuity Mortgage (RAM)
Equity Participation Rollover Mortgage (ROM)
Equity Sharing  
Escrow S
  Satisfaction of Mortgage
F Savings and Loans
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) Second Mortgage
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Secondary Mortgage Market
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans See Escrow
Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)
Firm Commitment Shopping Center
Fixed-Rate Mortgage Strip Commercial
Foreclosure Sweat Equity
Free Standing Store Swing Loan
Fully Indexed Note Rate  
G Telecommuting
Garden Apartments Title
General Warranty Deed Title Company
Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) Title Insurance
Graduated Payment Adjustable Rate Mortgage (GPARM)  
Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM) U
Gross Margin (Profit Margin) Usury
Growing Equity Mortgage (GEM)  
H Vesting
Hazard Insurance Veterans' Administration Loans
Heavy Industrial  
High-Rise Apartments W
Home Warranty Insurance Walk-Up Apartments
  Warehouse Fee
I Warehouse/Distribution
Impound Account Wraparound Mortgage
Income Ratio  
Index X
Initial Note Rate  
Insurance of Title Y
Interest Cap Yield
Interest Rate Buydown  
Interim Financing Z
Investment Return  

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